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room service

Elevate your stay with Hotler's Room Service – the epitome of luxury and convenience. Indulge in delectable meals and personalized services delivered right to your room, ensuring a truly delightful and hassle-free experience.



HotlerPay, an integral part of Hotler Software, streamlines payments for room service and various activities. Experience secure and seamless transactions, enhancing financial management exclusively within the Hotler platform, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient guest payment journey.


activities at hotel

Unleash memorable experiences with Hotler's Activities feature. Seamlessly integrated, it offers a diverse array of spa treatments, exciting tours, and more. Elevate your stay by effortlessly exploring and booking unique activities.


restaurant ordering

Savor the flavors of convenience with Hotler's Restaurant Ordering. Seamlessly integrated into your stay, browse menus and enjoy personalized dining experiences in the comfort of your room. Elevate your stay, one delicious dish at a time.


housekeeping & service request

Experience the epitome of comfort with Hotler's Online Housekeeping & Service Requests. Seamlessly integrated for a smooth stay, request fresh towels or room service effortlessly, ensuring your every need is met with ease.


custom styling option

Tailor your stay with Hotler's Custom Styling Options. Seamlessly integrated, personalize your room ambiance with preferred colors and settings. Elevate your surroundings for a unique and comfortable experience – your way.

Hotler plans: your tailored choices

crafting your ideal stay with flexible plans

basic plan

(simplicity unleashed)

  • hotler qr
  • online room service
  • hotler kitchensync
  • call front desk
  • housekeeping
  • hotel map
  • hotel rules and policies
  • chat with front desk
  • hotel access, 1 user
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premium plan

(elevated comfort)

  • features of basic plan
  • service tipping
  • wifi details
  • upsell hotel activities
  • location based ordering
  • qr service payment
  • chat with front desk
  • hotler pay
  • maintenance request
  • restaurant menu access
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elite plan

(ultimate luxury)

  • features of premium plan
  • stripe payment gateway
  • time based booking
  • custom color and font
  • spa services
  • restaurant table reserve
  • custom background & style
  • push alerts and email
  • hotel access, multiple users
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StartUp Plan

Elevated Comfort

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  • 1 Free Ride in Dhaka
  • 5 Rides per month
  • 10% cashback per ride

GrowBig Plan

$ 111.95 /year

Regular $134.95/year

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  • 1 Free Ride in Dhaka
  • 5 Rides per month
  • 10% cashback per ride
  • Save Rides use next mo.

Business Plan

$ 135.95 /year

Regular $150.95/year

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  • 1 Free Ride in Dhaka
  • 5 Rides per month
  • 10% cashback per ride

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