HotlerQR offers three distinct types of QR codes – on thick card board, on durable hard paper, and on sleek glass. Each type provides a different aesthetic and functionality, catering to diverse preferences.

Yes, absolutely! We provide a demo of Hotler to showcase its functionalities and benefits. Contact our team to schedule a personalized demonstration and discover how Hotler can elevate your hotel management experience.

Hotler offers comprehensive support during implementation. Our team is available to guide you through the setup process, address any queries, and ensure a smooth transition to using Hotler at your hotel or resort.

Yes, Hotler provides training resources. Hotel staff can access training materials and sessions to familiarize themselves with the platform, ensuring effective and proficient use for improved guest services.

Hotler simplifies restaurant management. Guests can secure tables, access menus, and even order restaurant delivery to their rooms, providing a convenient and integrated dining experience.

Hotler facilitates direct messaging. Guests can communicate with hotel staff for inquiries, concierge requests, and other needs, creating a streamlined and efficient channel for effective communication.